I was born in Argentina. Do I still need to apply for the Tourism Fee If I travel with a foreign passport?

If you were born in Argentina, even if you are a US, Canadian or Australian passport holder, you are not required to apply for the Tourism Fee. Your passport must state you were born in Argentina.


Are Visas required to visit Argentina?

US, Canadian and Australian citizens need to pay a “Tourism Fee” to visit Argentina. This is not considered a traditional visa, since visas are not required for businesses and tourist visitors (US, Canada and Australia). It is a fee similar to the fees that Argentinians pay when they apply for a Visa to the United States.


Is there an easy way to obtain the Tourism Fee for Argentina?

It is actually very easy. Click on "Get the Tourism Fee", fill out our secure online form, and complete the payment process. Its as simple as that! You will receive the document needed to enter Argentina (barcode) within a day. It will be sent to you via email as a .PDF file. Make sure you print the document and store it with your passport. Airport officials will require you to show the physical copy, and again once you land in Argentina.


I haven't received the document. Now what?

We strive in processing the Tourism Fee in under 10 minutes. Certain conditions may prevent us from achieving our 5 minute delivery mark.
The following conditions may delay the delivery of your Tourism Fee document: Argentina's database shows you have already purchased the Tourism Fee, the Argentina server is down, or there is an error with the passport expiration date (Canadian citizens only).

Also, some emails we send out might get blocked by your email filters. Check your "spam" folder. You can also download the document in your account under "Help & Visa Downloads". Please contact us if aren't able to get a copy of the document.


Once I pay the Tourism Fee, is it ever refundable?

Unfortunately, the Tourism Fees is not refundable.


Are Tourism Fees available for purchase at the Argentinian airport?

Unfortunately not. The Tourism Fee must be purchased online in advance.


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